“Varna Winery” celebrated the holiday of vine-growers and wine producers

For yet another year, “Varna Winery” celebrated the holiday of winegrowers and winemakers with traditional grapevine pruning.

The attendance of the event by many friends and partners of the winery, despite the cold weather, created a unique atmosphere of high spirits and warmth, backed by the white and rosé wines from vintage 2014 provided for wine tasting.
Despite the adverse weather in 2014, “Varna Winery” managed to protect its vineyards, despite the serious reduction of the harvest, and to process only the highest quality grapes, selected by meticulous control, in the winery. Wine production posed a serious challenge to the winery team, considering the dramatically different conditions for development of vineyards during the last harvest year. The result is: wines with marked variety-based flavour profile and organoleptic harmony.

“Varna Winery” congratulates all its friends and partners and wishes them many smiles and solidarity.